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Toothache Treatment

The complex network of nerves in the mouth and head can, in many circumstances, make it difficult to identify the source of pain. This is because pain sometimes is felt in a different location, like the head, ears, neck, or even another tooth. Our endodontists use a variety of dental technologies such as digital X-rays, dental microscopes and CBCT (cone beam) technology to view and diagnose your oral health concerns. These tools give us some of the most precise and accurate data to allow us to identify the source of your pain and recommend appropriate treatment for you. 

Endodontic Treatments

If you have a severe toothache, this may indicate that the inner parts of the tooth (the pulp) are damaged by some type of injury or are infected. At Sherman Endodontics, we can provide you with fast and specialized care, giving you relief from the pain and discomfort of your toothache. This can save the tooth in question, while restoring its appearance and general function.

If you are in need of toothache treatment in Sherman, TX, please call us at 903-957-1000 for more information. 

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