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Apicoectomies in Sherman, Texas

If your root canal has developed an infection or has had difficulty healing, you may need to schedule an apicoectomy. Also known as an endodontic surgery, this procedure allows our endodontists to treat the source of the infection. See if an apicoectomy can help heal your tooth and schedule an exam with one of our specialists. 

What is an Apicoectomy?

Depending on the nature of your problem, our endodontists may recommend an apicoectomy treatment. This involves removing the root tip, or apex of the tooth. Some of the teeth have a single root, others have multiple apices that can become infected. When this happens, our endodontists will need to remove the infected or damaged portion. First, a small incision will be made in the soft tissue surrounding the dental root. Through this opening, our endodontists can remove any infected areas and seal the root with a bioceramic biocompatible filling. A few stitches may be necessary to ensure proper healing as the gum tissue and bone grow and heal around the site. 

Plan and Apicoectomy Today

If you have any issues following your root canal, come in and see our endodontists at Sherman Endodontics. Call 903-957-1000 and our office can help you plan your endodontic treatment or apicoectomy in Sherman, TX. 

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