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Welcome to Sherman Endodontics! Dr. Matt Lloyd and Dr. Paul D. Clark are happy to help people keep their teeth and maintain their smiles. 

Our endodontists are specialists at saving your natural teeth, for which there is no better substitute. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort with a tooth or want a second opinion, let our "Texas Root Canal Experts" help you. 

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Our dental office in Sherman, TX, is here to provide the best possible care for patients, and we use some of the latest in dental technology to provide our specialty care. From surgical . dental microscopes to cone beam imaging to reduced-radiation digital X-rays, call to find out how our root canal specialists can help you! 
Root Canal


If you experience recurring or persistent pain in your tooth, sensitivity to high or low temperatures, swollen gums, or a pimple-like bump forming on the gum tissue near a tooth, this could be a sign that the tooth has an infection and could benefit from a root canal treatment.


If your root canal has developed an infection or has had difficulty healing, you may need to schedule an apicoectomy.

Toothache Treatment


If you have a severe toothache, this may indicate that the inner parts of the tooth (the pulp) are damaged by some type of injury or are infected. We can provide you with fast and specialized care, giving you relief from the pain and discomfort of your toothache.



If the previous root canal treatment left some infected tissue behind or a canal was missed or untreated, the tooth may need a root canal retreatment.



We don't want you feeling anxious or worried, so we offer multiple options for you to cope with your upcoming procedure.

Dental Restorations


Our team will restore the tooth using a temporary or permanent filling. These will seal out further infection and help to refortify the general structure of the tooth.


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Years of Endodontic Experience


Dr. Matthew Lloyd,  DMD, MSD


Dr. Paul D. Clark, DDS, MSD

Board Certified Endodontist



5/5 Stars


"Went in for a root canal and my experience was great, not to mention, painless! How many people can say that? Lol. The staff is amazing and Mr. Clark is awesome as well. Highly recommend this office!"

"Dr. Clark and his staff made my two visits a breeze, everything from front desk to getting treatment done was so easy. I would highly recommend this endo office to anyone needing a root canal. Amazing work & staff!"

"Went in for a consult thinking I needed a root canal. Dr. Lloyd was very honest and told me that I didn't need it right now, but nerves could flare-up in the future. Awesome front desk staff as well. I felt so welcome there."

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